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pianist, composer, musical explorer

Musician with a classical education, filled with the spirit of improvisation and creation, eager for new encounters, Jean-Marie Machado has shown a strong taste for orchestral groups with a fresh approach. He has developed a distinctive writing that is sometimes erudite but always guided by a concern for lyricism. He likes to describe himself as a composer of today, concerned by diverse backgrounds and sharing and expanding ideas.

One can feel his cultural legacy in his various projects: Jean-Marie Machado was born in Morocco, from an Italian and Spanish mother and a Portuguese father. He discovers jazz in France and learns music from the great concert artist, Catherine Collard.

He has been exploring new directions for 25 years: jazz trio, research on memory chants, music on the lyricism theme, compositions for classical groups, interdisciplinary projects mingling dance, theatre, storytelling…

This artistic path, made of significant creations, established him at the first rank of the European jazz sphere.

Jean-Marie Machado’s actuality, it is Danzas, an orchestra that has been performing eclectic shows for a few years: Pictures for Orchestra, Lagrima Latina (in between Saudade and Alegria), La Fête à Boby (a tribute to Boby Lapointe), Fiesta Nocturna (dances music); It is the continuation of Jean-Marie Machado’s collaboration with the American saxophone player Dave Liebman (Eternal Moments, Media Luz). It is a piano/accordion duo Machado/ Ithursarry, a percussion orchestra (Impulse Songs), a piece for the Symphony Orchestra L’Esprit de l’Eau, a creative work with The National Orchestra of Ile de France (ONDIF) in September 2017 at the Centre des Bords de Marne; and in 2018 a plan for a piano solo with a sound sculpture by Alain Français (Orient Magique).

Jean-Marie Machado is in residency as an ‘affiliate composer’ at the Centre des Bords de Marne of Perreux-sur-Marne/Paris.

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