The music of Danzas Sinfonia is created as a series of poetic moods invented in a single musical gesture. Blending one with the other, they create a path of dance related to evocations coming from the marine imaginary.

Each movement of the sea is associated with a dance: The tango and the swell (“houle” in French), Tanghoule, the Aber also called Ria and the largo, Ria Largo, as well as the Slow Flot.

Like Maurice Ravel’s Boat on the Ocean, this symphonic leeway in a single breath allows me the wandering, essential to the exploration and the imaginary.

The memory of childhood sensations that Chantal Thomas calls l’écume des rires (« the foam of laughter »), and the desire to lose oneself in the infinite blue immensity have guided the compositions of Danzas Sinfonia.


Jean Marie Machado piano-composition-conception
Jean Charles Richard direction d’orchestre
Sébastien Boisseau bass
Tom Caudelle saxhorn
Aubérie Dimpre percussion
Marion Frétigny percussion
Cécile Grenier alto
Stéphane Guillaume flutes
Didier Ithursarry accordion
Joachim Machado guitars
Guillaume Martigné cello
Séverine Morfin alto
Gwenola Morin alto
Elodie Pasquier clarinet
Renan Richard saxophone
François Thuillier tuba
Clara Zaoui cello


Jean-Marie Machado created Picutres for Orchestra as a suite of nine “Free wheels” paying tribute to each of his musicians of the orchestra. Four other parts create a link between these musics and make reference to composers and musicians dear to Jean-Marie Machado that he had the chance to meet in his career as an artist.


Jean-Marie Machado – piano, arrangements, compositions
Didier Ithursarry – accordion
Jean-Charles Richard – baritone & soprano saxophone
Stéphane Guillaume – flutes
Elodie Pasquier – clarinets
Cécile Grenier et Séverine Morfin – viola
François Thuillier – tuba
Guillaume Martigné – cello



L’AMOUR SORCIER (Artwork april 9, 2019)

Inventive musical and choreographic variations based on the work of Manuel De Falla and Gregorio Martinez Sierra
Compositions and arrangements by Jean-Marie Machado for the Danzas Orchestra
Choreography by Aïcha M’Barek and Hafiz Dhaou, Chatha Company

© Bertrand Pichene

Famous ballet-pantomime, L’Amour Sorcier, composed in 1915 on the libretto by Georgio Martinez Sierra, is the story of a gypsy girl chased by a ghost. It is his former lover and fiancé who comes to disturb his love with his new lover. Spell shooter practicing white magic and black magic, at the twelve strokes of midnight, Candela dances around the fire to chase away the ghost. But nothing works. She then imagines another stratagem and asks her friend Lucia to seduce the ghost. While this one has the attention diverted by the young beauty, Candela can finally indulge in his new love.
The dance, the notion of ritual, and singing are perfect elements to combine choreography and music. For this new creation, the pianist and composer Jean-Marie Machado truned to the Chatha dance company to work on Manuel De Falla’s work. Unlike what we usually find, it is not the music that serves the dance, but the dance that serves the music to form an original creation rendering tribute to the the Spanish composer who died more than 70 years ago.


Danzas Orchestra
Jean-Marie Machado (piano), Cécile Grenier et Séverine Morfin (viola), Guillaume Martigné (cello), François Thuillier (tuba), Didier Ithursarry (accordion), Jean-Charles Richard (saxophones), Elodie Pasquier (clarinets), Stéphane Guillaume (flutes), Stracho Temelkovski (drums), Karine Serafin (voice)

Chatha Company
Stéphanie Pignon, Gregory Alliot, Phanuel Erdmann, Johanna Mandonnet, Fabio Dolce, NC (performers)

Scénography/lights Xavier Lazarini
Sound System Gérard de Haro
Costumes Aïcha M’Barek

Cantabile / Compagnie Chatha
Centre des Bords de Marne du Perreux-sur-Marne, La Briqueterie/Centre de développement chorégraphique du Val-de-Marne, L’Arsenal de Metz, La Scène nationale de Mâcon, Théâtre des 4 saisons à Gradignan

L’ESPRIT DE L’EAU – in featuring with L’ONDIF (2017 at the CdbM)


Suite in five parts for piano and tuba soloists and symphony orchestra.

As a core element, water establishes its vital presence on each of us. From its uniqueness to its extent, with a changeable body and state, water creates a world of sound all the time, like a natural music. Water is the sea of our inner fantasy. How inspiring for the composer to approach it through the Symphonic world. To give the presence of ‘l’esprit de l’eau’ to the music and to create a sound sculpture, a sensory walk. The breath, the air, second key component of this thematic, changes the aquatic element from one state to another. The Piano, Tuba duo with the Symphonic Orchestra, a sensitive fantasy setting, is the key part of these variations.


Jean-Marie Machado – piano
François Thuillier – tuba
Bastien Stil – conductor
The musicians of the National Orchestra of Ile-de-France (ONDIF)


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