Orient Magique

©Bertrand Pichène

For this program, Jean-Marie Machado brings together themes that are related to his Orient, and returns to the very particular atmosphere of his native Tangier. The Explorer starts from his compositions and invents in situ free variations, a privileged moment in the center of the pianist’s intimate universe. He keeps in this program a suite in tribute to Fado and Blues that he recorded around the music of Amalia Rodrigues and Billie Holiday.

The music he composes is particularly elaborate, demanding, but always melodious and warm. He composes rhythms and melodies that take root in the music of always, classical, popular, traditional. It gives them unexpected colors, surprising, dreamlike outside any classification.



Piano Immersons is a piano solo by Jean-Marie Machado accompanied by the sound designer Alain Français. The game is staged in space and feeds on proposals related to new technologies from various sound processing software.

After an old complicity, the composer-improviser and the sound engineer, approach with envy this new exchange. The prepared piano and the addition of various sound elements placed on and around the piano are fundamental elements of the interpreter’s playing system. The spoken and sung voice of Jean-Marie Machado is integrated into the piano and the electro-acoustic effects proposed by Alain Français.

The stage is organized as a large musical instrument delivering in a surprising way the pianist’s sound which travels from a minimal space to a complete immersion in a playful and sharing spirit.


Jean-Marie Machado – piano, compositions

Alain Français – sound designer, compositions

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